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The Dehoney Difference

Our expertise comes from experience and a well-planned outline. Our Dehoney Travel Team offers…

  • Dedication to outstanding service
  • Seasoned staff with first-hand, extensive knowledge of worldwide destinations
  • Unbeatable values, thanks to the buying power of our local partners
  • Dream-inspired, enriching itineraries
  • Hassle-free journeys that maximize your time and enjoyment of your destination
  • High-quality accommodations selected for comfort, location, and convenience
  • Expertise to custom-design individual, group, and family tours and packages
  • Inspirational and education travel experiences
  • Inclusive value with no hidden fees or undisclosed add-ons
  • Business is driven by referrals from highly satisfied past travelers

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality travel services to our clients through our experience, efficiency, and values drawn from our Christian tradition.
Through creativity, efficiency, and Christian values we will enable our clients to travel with confidence.
Our impeccable 50+ year reputation of excellent performance challenges us to seek managed growth, to enlarge our referral network, to further develop our global expertise, and to expand our ministry purpose.

History of Dehoney Travel

Dehoney Travel began in 1967 with a desire to create Holy Land travel seminars which combined expert teaching professors, specially trained guides, and the finest quality tour arrangements. Its birth, originally as “Bibleland Travel,” was the fulfillment of the dream of our founders, Dr. Wayne & Lealice Dehoney, to offer the very best educational and spiritual journey to pilgrims wishing to travel to the land of their faith. Many consider our company to be one of the true pioneers in faith-based travel.
Dr Wayne & Lealice Dehoney
We are now in our 53rd year of operation business, and we are constantly looking for new innovative ways to meet the interests and needs of our clients. The Dehoney Travel team are certified travel professionals with over 204 combined years of first-hand experience in the travel industry. While the core of our business remains as a group tour operator, we also offer a full-service leisure travel department. Our leisure travel agents can help you plan your next cruise, land-based tour, honeymoon, theme park package tours. Our share of special interest, missions and academic travel business continues to expand as word spreads about the services and competitive prices that we offer our clients. Think of Dehoney Travel as your global tour operator, vacations, and humanitarian travel company who has successfully weathered the vast changes in the travel industry providing for you the best possible travel experiences.
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Affiliations & Awards

The Dehoney Travel team are certified travel professionals with over 204 combined years of first-hand experience in the travel industry