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Don't Just Take Our Word for It...​
Here is what our Dehoney Travel Tour Hosts have to say about our services.
Dehoney Travel has been my “go to” agency for my personal, family, and professional travel—whether by land, by air, or by sea. We know that the cruises or hotels in which we stay will always be among the best at the destinations and Dehoney negotiates the best rates for us. I first travelled with Dehoney Travel in 1982 with a small group from my church. Although my group was small, the folks at Dehoney treated everyone as though we were the largest group—the staff did not cut corners because of the group size. The friends who accompanied me on that first trip came back home “singing the praises” of the people who work with Dehoney. It was a great success. I have been travelling to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt for forty years, often more than once per year. When I began annual, university study-abroad programs to the Middle East and Europe in 1986, I turned to Dehoney Travel for all of our arrangements. As a college professor, I needed to assure administrators, students and parents that the trips were well-planned and well-organized. The guides that Dehoney Travel selects for its Middle East trips go through a rigorous vetting process and not every guide who wants to work with Dehoney groups receives an invitation. As students returned each year, they talked to other students about their wonderful experiences—great hotels, delicious food, knowledgeable guides who knew the facts, safe and comfortable ground travel, and affordable airfare. Students could not wait to sign-up for the next year. Dr. Von Wyrick is a Retired Professor; Department Chair of Religion (California Baptist University & University of Mary Hardin-Baylor), and current part-time lecturer at Baylor University.
Dr. Stephen Von Wyrick
The Dehoney team are practical visionaries who know how to plan reasonably priced trips that are inspirational, educational, and filled with meaningful adventures. From when the trip is conceived until every passenger safely returns, the Dehoney team is very reliable. We’ve developed and completed trips with them to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, and North America. With equal levels of excellence in diverse settings, they helped our groups to have cherished life-time experiences. We thoroughly trust them.
Drs. Les & Vicki Hollon
Trinity Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas
I started hosting annual Agricultural tours with Dehoney Travel in 2007. We’ve traveled the globe from Alaska, New Zealand, Italy, Cuba, Israel, Chile and more to focus on the interest of my clients – North American farmers. We get to see how the food is grown and marketed in these far-off places as well as specialized visits to see cork tree production, aquaculture, farmer’s markets and to stay in farm-based lodging including kibbutzim. Our farm travelers always come away with useful new ideas to implement on their family farms and find new farm friends from around the globe. Specialized travel is a particular niche with Dehoney Travel and their global partners never disappoint us with finding unique and out of the way places the average tourist would never experience. We have so many repeat travelers that we often sell out our programs in less than two weeks which is truly a testament to their satisfaction with the Dehoney Travel package. My family farm clients would never think of taking a trip that wasn’t put together by Dehoney Travel.
Jane Eckert
Founder & CEO, Eckert AgriMarketing
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Dehoney Travel. Since 2006, my wife, Snookie, and I have personally hosted 22 group tours to international destinations that have been planned through Dehoney Travel. Their staff has been very professional and helpful to assist us in planning the best trip possible for a 10 to 12-day tour. We, like any tour director, want to give the client a quality tour, with good hotels, food, and site experiences that will be memorable. On at least 4 of these, we have had a Dehoney staff member with us to make sure everything meets their quality standards. We like to hear people say “this was a trip of a lifetime.” The experience with Dehoney has made this a common remark! I am impressed that their staff frequently visits destinations to make sure of this quality. The staff works patiently with tour guides like Snookie and me to solve any problem that might arise. In my opinion, one will not be disappointed when Dehoney Travel is your travel agency.
Bill Dixon
Ouachita International Travel, Arkadelphia, AR
One of the privileges of a pastor is taking people on life changing experiences. There is nothing like God impacting a human heart like He does on a retreat or a mission trip. We have a saying in our church that "a change of pace and a change of place leads to a change of perspective." So often the break of a normal routine creates space for God to show up in fresh and new ways. At the top of my list of a profound spiritual experience is time in the Holy Land. People will read the Bible in an entirely different light after walking where so much of the Bible took place. Dehoney Travel makes having these experiences possible. I have traveled with them on five different occasions over the last 25 years. The excellence and peace of mind they bring is unquestionable. They reduce my role to simply getting the word out and preparing our people for the trip of a lifetime. Dehoney takes care of all the logistics and coordination from there which frees me up from countless hours of work. If you are looking for a partner in ministry to help with travel and logistics, look no further!
Rev. Darryl Mosley
Stafford Crossing Community Church, Fredericksburg, VA
I depend upon Dehoney Travel for two reasons: Experience and Frequency. When traveling with a large group their experience with making arrangements, and the frequency with which they have groups in Israel and Jordan assures me those we relate to will value us because they value the frequency of Dehoney Travel’s business. We couldn’t be more pleased with their service and the quality of the staff.
Rev. Brad Brinson
Two Rivers Church, Knoxville, TN
Arranging travel details can be confusing and tedious. Kathy Evitts and the staff at Dehoney Travel have made my group travel over the years smooth and organized. From helping me arrange the details of a sabbatical leave, to several trips to Israel, to river cruises in Europe, their attention to detail has been stellar. The best recommendation I can give Dehoney Travel is my repeat business—which they have.
Dr. Steven Hatfield, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Lewisville, TX
I have been working with Dehoney Travel since 1987 and have taken groups to Israel 29 times in those years. Each time Dehoney Travel has handled all the arrangements for air transportation and the tour itinerary. We stay in comfortable 4-star hotels, eat buffet breakfasts and dinners, and have a spiritually uplifting time. After all these years, I still get excited about showing people the homeland of Jesus. This trip truly is a pilgrimage of a lifetime. I hope you will plan on going soon.
Dr. Wayne Vanhorn, Professor - Christian Studies and Philosophy / Dean of School of Christian Studies & the Arts Mississippi College
Clinton, MS
I have led groups using exclusively Dehoney Travel for 37 years. Their agency is dependable and trustworthy, and their staff has always given me excellent and professional service. I am proud to say that I have never had to come home and apologize to anyone. Dehoney Travel always does everything they say and much more. Through the years, various unplanned challenges have arisen during my travels, and each time the Dehoney staff has resolved the issue within minutes. For example, their Air Department performed outstandingly during Hurricane Ike by calling my group when I couldn’t, and instructing them to go to the airport. On that same trip, I arrived in Vienna and had no escort or itinerary in hand due to internet problems from the weather, but the Dehoney Travel Operations Department came through for me within minutes with the exact information I needed! Also, while in Brazil, their staff was able revise a couple’s itinerary within minutes with no phone service.

Dehoney Travel is not just a travel agency to us… they are family.
Pastor, Cliff Mayton
Spring, TX