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A word from Dehoney Travel regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic

During the final days before the worldwide shutdown due to the increased concern over the Covid-19 Pandemic, those of us at Dehoney Travel worked around the clock to bring our individual and group travelers home from various points around the globe. As each of our guests arrived safely back home, we were pleased to hear from our guests, as well as their friends and family, of their gratitude for our assistance during a time of great anxiety and uncertainty.

Now that all of our valued clients are back home, what is next? Now we wait…wait until borders are open, ships are sailing, and planes are flying. We wait until our partners around the world are ready to welcome our guests back into their little corners of the world.

Now we dream…where are those places that you have always wanted to visit? Check out those websites, watch those videos, and read those articles about the places on your bucket list. Or maybe you have always wanted to go back to that special place, possibly sharing it with children and grandchildren this time around. Perhaps it is a journey to the land of your faith, or simply watching the sunset over the Caribbean, or a cruise down one of the great rivers of Europe. The world is vast and the possibilities are endless.

Now we plan…Dehoney Travel is available to make all those dreams come true. Call us today about your group itineraries, your family vacation, or your individual dreams. We are finding that now is the perfect time to start working on those plans with our vendors and in-country partners around the world. All are eager to work on new business for later this year, for 2021, and beyond. After all, all of us at Dehoney Travel share the same passion as you…we live to travel. Let’s get ready for that next adventure.

The Staff of Dehoney Travel