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Special Interest & Study Tours

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Nothing is better than traveling with friends that share your experience and interests. Because every tour is unique to meet your requests, you can spend more time at places that are of particular interest to your group. Our Dehoney Travel specialists understand how much fun it is to travel in a group and to go together to a destination, so Dehoney Travel offers a variety of exciting Special Interest & Study Tours. Dozens of academic institutions across the country utilize Dehoney Travel’s services to operate customized cultural journeys for their alumni and study abroad programs for their students. Do you belong to an alumni association, fraternal organization, or local philanthropic group? If so, you already know how gratifying it is to spend time with others who share your interests. You already have so much in common; why not share your love of travel with them too? It’s one thing to read about history and culture in a textbook or novel but it’s a completely different experience to stand where history was made. Our mission is to bring exceptional travel opportunities to our clients with a level of skill and personal service that is outstanding!

Special Interest & Study Tours Offered